Our Coup de Coeur

Auberge des Gallant

At Auberge des Gallant, one of our most important unifying values is to be eco-friendly and to support this value through action. After abolishing plastic bottles and straws, making weekly donations of excess food to a food bank, and reducing our garbage by more than 1 tonne in 6 months, we were looking for another initiative to embrace. Because so many of our customers enjoy watching the birds at our feeders, Café Le Nichoir was a true coup de cœur!

Café Le Nichoir certified Bird Friendly coffee is now the only coffee we serve in our restaurant. We also make it available for our guests to purchase and take home as a souvenir. Le Nichoir has since become a part of our family: Our employees decided to continue to support Le Nichoir with a donation for the woodpecker aviary in 2018, and in 2019, we donated some greatly needed funds to hire a summer educator. Recently, I was surprised to receive a letter from a customer who had visited the Nichoir thanking us for our support. She was impressed to see that Auberge des Gallant was involved in Le Nichoir’s fabulous work.

We are proud to be a partner to Le Nichoir. The way we see it, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Linda Strong Gallant
Aubergiste / Innkeeper
Auberge des Gallant

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All wrapped up

All wrapped up

Are there any coffee connoisseurs on your gift list? Consider introducing them to a unique coffee this holiday season. With the help of our artisanal coffee roasting partner, Totem Roasters, we have designed a creative gift box to hold two certified Bird Friendly coffees of your choice.

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Introducing QuébecOiseaux

What better way to reach Québec birdlovers than through le Regroupement QuébecOiseaux – the latest partner in the Café Le Nichoir initiative. QuébecOiseaux is a multifaceted non-profit organisation with a long history of promoting the hobby of birdwatching and the study of birds while working to monitor and protect bird habitats here in Québec.

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FLAP Canada

FLAP Canada Joins the Initiative

The Café Le Nichoir initiative is very pleased to announce a new partner who believes that the coffee you choose can change the world. By purchasing FLAP Canada’s brand of certified Bird Friendly coffee you support their amazing work to keep migratory birds safe from building collisions.

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New Packaging

New look, better packaging

It only makes sense that we would be concerned about how we package our coffee. In 2018 we launched an omnidegradable coffee bag from the Canadian company TekPak Solutions. Up until now though the labels on the bags were not biodegradable. All that changes today as we introduce our new labeling.

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Cerulean Warbler

A big thank you to Ray Hennessy

That old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is still very true today. Wildlife photographer Ray Hennessy has allowed us to use many of his pictures to help us tell our coffee story.

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