Certified Bird Friendly Coffee

Certified Bird Friendly Coffee

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Bags of Café Le Nichoir and Café Avia coffee contain 100% coffee certified Bird Friendly®, organic and Fair Trade – no mixing – just 100% certified coffee.

A 342 g bag of  coffee with the Héritage Saint-Bernard logo contains the same coffee as a bag bearing the logo of the Ecomuseum Zoo  The only difference is which organization receives a financial benefit from your purchase. It’s a great way to support your favourite non-profit with every sip.

Each participating non-profit organization believes that the coffee you choose can change the world. Support your favourite non-profit with every sip.

We offer 3 formats: 342 g, 1 kg and 2.5 kg bags.

We offer 2 roasts: Medium and dark

We offer whole beans or 2 grinds: Filter and espresso

Plus our Décaf option available in 1 kg bags 

(Our Bird Friendly Decaf Coffee has sold out and we are temporarily suspending our Decaf offering until our new batch arrives. Unfortunately due to supply chain problems, there are delays beyond our control. We hope to have this issue resolved soon.)