New Packaging

New look, better packaging

It only makes sense that we would be concerned about how we package our coffee. In 2018 we launched an omnidegradable coffee bag from the Canadian company TekPak Solutions. Up until now though the labels on the bags were not biodegradable. All that changes today as we introduce our new labeling.

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Cerulean Warbler

A big thank you to Ray Hennessy

That old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is still very true today. Wildlife photographer Ray Hennessy has allowed us to use many of his pictures to help us tell our coffee story.

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Auberge des Gallant

Our Coup de Coeur

At Auberge des Gallant, one of our most important unifying values is to be eco-friendly and to support this value through action. After abolishing plastic bottles and straws, making weekly donations of excess food to a food bank, and reducing our garbage by more than 1 tonne in 6 months, we were looking for another initiative to embrace. Because so many of our customers enjoy watching the birds at our feeders, Café Le Nichoir was a true coup de cœur!

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