Café Le Nichoir and Café Avia

Bird Friendly Coffees

The coffee you choose can change the world
Drink Bird Friendly

No other eco-friendly coffee seal comes close to the Bird Friendly® gold standard when it comes to protecting biodiversity on coffee farms.

Café Le Nichoir and Café Avia are the result of collaboration between Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre and Totem Roasters. We launched the initiative in 2019 to encourage people to drink, Fair Trade, organic, Bird Friendly® certified coffee.

It’s a simple gesture all coffee drinkers can make to protect the winter habitat of birds that travel from our backyards each winter to the faraway farms that produce our coffee. 

To help get the word out we have partnered with other organizations. It’s simple: Many voices are stronger than one.

Bird Friendly® farms



Protected land



Coffee producers



Coffee produced


Million kilograms

Smithsonian Bird Friendly
Canada Organic
Fairtrade certified
Cerulean Warbler

A big thank you to Ray Hennessy

That old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is still very true today. Wildlife photographer Ray Hennessy has allowed us to use many of his pictures to help us tell our coffee story.

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Auberge des Gallant

Our Coup de Coeur

At Auberge des Gallant, one of our most important unifying values is to be eco-friendly and to support this value through action. After abolishing plastic bottles and straws, making weekly donations of excess food to a food bank, and reducing our garbage by more than 1 tonne in 6 months, we were looking for another initiative to embrace. Because so many of our customers enjoy watching the birds at our feeders, Café Le Nichoir was a true coup de cœur!

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Smithsonian Certified, Shade Grown Bird Friendly Coffee

Created by Smithsonian scientists, Bird Friendly habitat flies above the rest by ensuring a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity proven to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Bird Friendly Benefits

The planet

  • Fights deforestation
  • Saves habitats
  • Helps wildlife
  • Combats climate change


  • Premium prices for coffee beans
  • Additional revenue sources
  • Pesticide-free environments

Coffee drinkers

  • Knowing you made the right choice
  • Delicious coffee!


  • Revenues to support programs


  • Revenues to support research by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center