1 kg Décaf In Support of UQROP

45.50 $


1 kg bag – Whole beans or ground

Our Bird Friendly Decaf Coffee has sold out and we are temporarily suspending our Decaf offering until our new batch arrives. Unfortunately due to supply chain problems, there are delays beyond our control. We hope to have this issue resolved soon.

Café Le Nichoir is now available as a decaffeinated single origin coffee sourced from the La Florida Cooperative in the Chanchamayo valley of Peru. This strictly high altitude, shade grown coffee is then decaffeinated using the High Mountain Water Process – a totally organic, chemical-free method that removes up to 99.99% of caffeine, without sacrificing the full bodied, balanced flavour characteristics of the coffee. The beans are meticulously roasted by our partner Totem Roasters.

Your purchase of this coffee supports UQROP. Learn more

The Union québécoise de réhabilitation des oiseaux de proie (UQROP) is a provincial network dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey and their habitats. Its first goal is the rehabilitation of birds of prey to eventually release them into the wild. Its second goal is public awareness through our Itinerant Education Program and our rehabilitation site at Chouette à voir!, open to the public.


About the coffee

Bags of Café Le Nichoir coffee contain 100% coffee certified Bird Friendly®, organic and Fair Trade – no mixing – just 100% certified coffee. 

Choose the roast your prefer. (Décaf is a single roast)

We can grind the beans for you if you don’t have a grinder.  Specify the type of grind required.

About our packaging

The coffee is packaged in an omnidegradable bag from the Canadian company TekPak Solutions. Omnidegradable means the entire bag including the liner and valve will completely biodegrade – you can even compost it in your own composter if you like. The top card on each bag is printed on Rolland Enviro 100 paper which is100% post-consumer recycled material. The card is recyclable and biodegradable.

With the exception of the small batch label, the labels are certified compostable right down to the adhesive.

Smithsonian Bird Friendly
Fairtrade certified
Canada Organic

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