Cerulean Warbler

A big thank you to Ray Hennessy

That old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is still very true today. Wildlife photographer Ray Hennessy has allowed us to use many of his pictures to help us tell our coffee story.

Thanks to Ray’s generosity, his fabulous images feature on the coffee bags for several of our partners.  You’ll also see his images of birds that frequent coffee farms on the thank you note we send along with your order. 

The images depict so called ‘coffee farm birds’ looking their absolute best and are a great reminder as to the benefits of choosing to drink certified Bird Friendly coffee – coffee that protects their winter habitat.

Take a few minutes  (or a few hours) to visit his website.   It is a treasure trove of beautiful wildlife images along with lots of discussion and videos about different aspects of his photography. 

We can’t thank Ray enough for helping us show you the importance of certified Bird Friendly coffee.