Buy Bird Friendly Coffee

All the partner bags contain the same coffee, 100% certified Bird Friendly® and organic coffee, the only difference is which organization receives a financial benefit from your purchase.

Partner organizations receive:
per 342 g bag
per 1 kg bag
per 2.5 kg bag

Each participating non-profit organization believes that the coffee you choose can change the world. Support your favourite non-profit with every sip.

  • We ship once a week on Wednesday. Orders received before 7 a.m. on Tuesday will be shipped on Wednesday. Orders received after the order deadline will be shipped the following week.

    We charge a flat rate shipping fee of $14 per order.

  • We Offer:

    3 formats: 342 g, 1 kg and 2.5 kg bags

    2 roasts: Medium and dark

    Whole beans or 2 grinds: Filter and espresso

    Plus our Décaf option available in 342g bag

  • Buying Direct

    Go to the Ordering page for a list of participating organizations and stores that sell the coffee locally. We suggest that you call first to check that they have the format and roast you’re looking for in stock.