Buy Bird Friendly Coffee

Bags of Café AVIA and Café Le Nichoir contain 100% certified Bird Friendly®, Organic and Fair Trade coffee – no mixing – just 100% certified coffee

All the partner bags contain the same coffee, the only difference is which organization receives a financial benefit from your purchase.

Partner organizations receive:
per 342 g bag
per 1 kg bag
per 2.5 kg bag

Each participating non-profit organization believes that the coffee you choose can change the world. Support your favourite non-profit with every sip.

  • We ship once a week on Wednesday. Orders received before 7 a.m. on Tuesday will be shipped on Wednesday. Orders received after the order deadline will be shipped the following week.

    We charge a flat rate shipping fee of $12 per order.

  • We Offer:

    3 formats: 342 g, 1 kg and 2.5 kg bags

    2 roasts: Medium and dark

    Whole beans or 2 grinds: Filter and espresso

    Plus our Décaf option available in 342g bag