Bird Friendly City Image

Bird Friendly coffee and the city

We are pleased to announce that Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City program is joining our initiative to promote awareness of certified Bird Friendly coffee across Canada. 

As is the case for all our partners, a percentage of the sale price for each bag of Bird Friendly City coffee will be returned to Nature Canada to help support the Bird Friendly City program. 

We at Totem are proud to be a national partner in the Nature Canada Bird Friendly City program.  The program encourages nature groups, municipal officials and community groups to team up with Nature Canada to ensure urban environments are safe havens for birds. Drinking certified Bird Friendly coffee is a way to protect the winter habit of many migratory birds ensuring they come back to us in the spring.

It’s not unusual to see customers in British Columbia purchasing coffee to support the Nova Scotia Bird Society or, customers in Ontario supporting Bird Protection Quebec.  As our initiative grows so does the visibility and financial return for all the partners. Most importantly though, we increase awareness that the Bird Friendly gold standard certification does more than other eco-friendly seals to protect habitat, which is often destroyed to make way for coffee growing. 

Learn more about Nature Canada and the Bird Friendly City program