Coffee beans on plant

Our Bird Friendly Decaf is Back

Finally our Smithsonian Bird Friendly Organic Peru Royal Select MWP is back!!! This exclusive coffee is harvested from a group of 2000 small-scale coffee farmers from La Florida Cooperative in the Chanchamayo region. A mixed varietal of Bourbon,Catimor,Pache and Typica arabica beans grown at an elevation of 1200 meters. This delicious decaf coffee presents with full body, low acidity and a touch of sweetness with flavour notes of chocolate, caramel and almond.
The revenue from their Fairtrade sales has brought education, infrastructure, credit, and environmental consciousness to this rural area. The coop has established "The Occupational Learning Center for Sustainable Agriculture", which offers training in environmentally-friendly farming techniques, as well as providing healthcare services in rural areas, technical assistance in crop diversification to create additional income, maintenance of five roads, portable water systems, schools, a bridge, a health clinic, and they have purchased machinery and land to assist with coffee production.